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How to Utilize the Health App Calendar View

How to Utilize the Health App Calendar View

Apple’s Health app is a great way to see your overall health, but long-term health is about daily habits. The Calendar view in the Health app allows you to see all the information your health app has gathered for any particular day. The more apps or devices you have synced with the Health app, the broader and more accurate the overall picture of your health the app can provide. Here’s how to view and utilize the Health App Calendar view.

Open the Health app. When you first open the app, you’re in List view. This shows you a list of the specific categories. However, next to List is Calendar. Tap Calendar. Here, the top shows a calendar with your tracked data for the selected day below, sorted into categories such as Fitness, Sleep, and Vitals.


Which categories appear below will depend on the data your apps or devices are collecting. For instance, select any day to see how many steps you walked, the distance you walked and ran, how many active calories you burned, how many hours you slept, etc.