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How To Search a Safari Webpage

How To Search a Safari Webpage

When you’re searching for specific information on the web, it’s helpful to be able to locate keywords and find the information you need without having to skim whole articles. Most of us are familiar with doing this on a computer, but you can also search web pages within Safari. This can be especially helpful on a small screen, as it highlights the words you’re looking for and allows you to easily scan through. Here’s how to search a Safari webpage.

Open Safari and navigate to a page you want to search. Tap the share icon on the bottom row.


Select Find on Page. Type in your keywords. You’ll automatically be taken to the first time that word appears on the page. The word(s) will be highlighted in yellow. There are arrows next to the search bar that allow you to easily scan up or down through the keywords you typed. When you’re finished, select Done to return to normal viewing.

Top Image Credit:  Denys Prykhodov/Shutterstock.com