September 09, 2015
I use the iOS Voice Memos app that came pre-installed on my iPhone quite often. (Sorry, iPad users, this is an iPhone-only app.)  I use it when I’m interviewing someone for an article, at my doctor’s appointments (with my doctor’s permission) when I want to make sure I hear everything she is telling me regarding my medications, and, of course, if I want to record a quick memo. If I want to save part of the recording for future reference, it is much easier and efficient to trim the parts I don’t need. Here’s how:
September 01, 2015
In a previous tip, we covered how to Record Voice Memos. But once you've collected countless hours of playback on your phone, how do you share the recordings from there? Whether it's a recording of an interview, conference, or your beautiful singing voice, it's easy to share what you've recorded via email, AirDrop, or text message.
August 25, 2015
  Sometimes, you need to record a thought quickly. Using the Voice Memos voice recorder app on an iPhone or iPad to record that thought out loud is the fastest way to capture an idea before it flies away forever. The Voice Memos app is the little-known gem of the iPhone and iPad. Ease of use and clarity of sound makes the native Voice Memos app ideal for recording interviews, notes, and vocals, with the ability to record for hours at a time. If you're the type of person whose brain moves faster than your typing hands can keep up with, then Voice Memos is the ideal app for you. 
August 08, 2015
Siri is an awesome time saver. Want to view your most recent calls, text someone, get directions, or post to Facebook? Just ask Siri. You can even do all this from your lock screen. The problem is, so can anyone else. If your settings allow for it, anyone can access your call history, send a tweet, or get directions to a contact's home from your lock screen just by bringing up Siri and asking.