February 14, 2017
Control Center is great because it allows you to quickly do all kinds of useful things like turn Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, and Do Not Disturb on or off, lock your screen orientation, control playback, adjust volume levels, open your phone's calculator, and use your iPhone as a flashlight. However, some people worry about privacy when Control Center is accessible from Lock Screen (although, rest assured, nothing private can be opened without unlocking your phone), and others get tired of accidentally opening Control Center in an app while playing a game. Which is why Apple made it possible to turn off access to Control Center from Lock screen and within apps. Here’s how to disable access to Control Center from Lock Screen.
January 11, 2017
On previous models of iPhone, you could force restart your iPhone (known as a hard restart) by holding the Home button and your Sleep/Wake button at the same time. However, the iPhone 7 Home button isn’t really a button at all. It uses Haptic feedback to create the feeling of pressing a button. Perhaps this caused an issue with using the Home button as a means to restart the device. The iPhone 7 or 7 Plus requires you hard restart your iPhone with different buttons this time around. Here’s how to force restart your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.
September 30, 2016
Your iPhone’s LED flashlight is a great help for when you need to grab a midnight snack or get to your car on an unlit street. There are three main ways to turn the iPhone flashlight on or off; in the Control Center, from the Lock Screen, or by asking Siri to turn the iPhone flashlight on or off. We'll show you how to use each method to turn on the flashlight and turn off the flashlight on your iPhone and then teach you how to adjust the flashlight's brightness. 
June 02, 2016
Are you having issues with the internet connecting to your iPhone? If you know your Wi-Fi router is working, your Wi-Fi is turned on, and you’ve already restarted your device, but it still won’t connect, there’s one thing left to do. Resetting your iPhone’s network settings will usually fix the problem just like restarting your phone often fixes issues the phone is having. Here’s how to reset your iPhone’s network settings.
May 06, 2016
This iPhone tip makes a huge difference if you use the Calculator app often. Have you ever had this frustrating Calculator experience? You go to the Calculator app on your iPhone and start entering a long number, but you mistype a digit or two. Up until now, you may have thought that you had to hit C for clear and start all over. Am I the only person who wonders why Apple didn't just include a backspace button? However, while there isn't a backspace button visible, there is a hidden iPhone trick that will do the same thing. Here’s how to delete digits in the iPhone Calculator app.
April 25, 2016
When things stop working, whether in an app, with Bluetooth, or anywhere else, the first thing to do is turn off your iPhone and turn it back on. Often this will reset whatever wasn’t working and fix your problem. This may seem obvious, but judging by the number of readers whose problems we have solved with this advice, perhaps it isn't. So, here’s how to turn your iPhone on and off when things aren’t working.
April 15, 2016
Did you know that a simple iPhone gesture can save your thumb the workout of scrolling back to the top of most apps? Inside most apps with vertical scrolling, you can return to the top by tapping a specific portion of the screen. Here's how to quickly return to the top of an app on your iPhone and avoid thumb fatigue.
January 27, 2016
There have been times I’ve been using an app and it started acting up—either by not responding or not working properly. When that happens with one or more apps, there are multiple solutions you can implement to fix the issue. Here's three different ways you can restart an app that's become unresponsive. 
December 08, 2015
I use reading glasses for some things, a concession to middle age, but fortunately I don't ever need them when I'm using my iPad. That's because I've adjusted the settings so that the text is larger and bolded, making it much easier to see. These settings apply to all of Apple's apps and to third-party apps that support Apple's Dynamic Type. Ever since iOS 8 was introduced, Apple has gathered text size, bold, view, and brightness into a single panel in Settings.
August 08, 2015
Siri is an awesome time saver. Want to view your most recent calls, text someone, get directions, or post to Facebook? Just ask Siri. You can even do all this from your lock screen. The problem is, so can anyone else. If your settings allow for it, anyone can access your call history, send a tweet, or get directions to a contact's home from your lock screen just by bringing up Siri and asking.
August 05, 2015
The purpose of a public beta is to allow users to try out a service and then submit feedback. With Apple’s iOS 9 public beta (which you can learn how to install here), that process has been made much easier with the included Feedback app, which allows users to report problems in a much more efficient way. Here’s how to submit your problems with iOS 9 directly to Apple.
August 02, 2015
If your iPhone keeps going to Lock screen after showing a black screen and then a spinning wheel—we've got a fix below. We're going to show you how to fix the "iPhone keeps locking" problem many iPhone users run into. If you simply want to change your Lock screen settings to turn off Auto-Lock or change how quickly your screen dims, we'll cover that as well. What is Auto-Lock? Auto-Lock, or sleep mode, is one answer to how to save battery on the iPhone and iPad. This setting dims the screen after a set amount of time in order to extend iPhone battery life and prevent others from accessing your unlocked iPhone. If you disable Auto-Lock to get rid of your automatic screen lock time, it will cut into your battery life. You may also be wondering, "why is Auto-Lock grayed out on my iPhone?" We'll tell you why this happens, and how to fix it.