November 24, 2017
Facebook is a great way to keep up on news and videos that your family and friends share. The problem is time. There’s never enough time to read everything you’d like to, and honestly, it’s not easy to find those articles again. I’ve seen people share articles they want to read later, but that can clutter your timeline and annoy your friends. Fortunately, Facebook has a save feature that makes it easy to save those and go back to them later. Here’s how to save an article (or video) to view later on Facebook.
October 02, 2017
Do you feel like you're in a musical rut and wishing for a way to discover new songs, artists, and playlists? With iOS 11, Apple Music is finally getting social, and it's the perfect way to find new music and broaden your auditory horizons. It works like this, if you have friends who also use Apple Music, you can now follow each other. Once you find and connect with friends on Apple Music you can explore what they're listening to and make your playlists public on your profile so they can do the same. Let the cross-pollination begin! Apple Music will use also your iPhone’s contacts to find other friends who are using Apple Music and recommend that you follow them. You can connect your Apple Music profile to Facebook and Instagram as well, so that it can offer more recommendations from your social media friends. Let's get started using Apple Music to find new friends, new music, new music friends, you get the idea. Here’s how to find and follow friends on Apple Music with iOS 11 on iPhone.
August 07, 2017
I love to add my photos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, whether it’s to show off my vacation or share pictures of my kids for distant family members to see. And, of course, there’s the not-so-occasional cute photo of my pets. If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there is an easy way to upload your photos from your iPhone or iPad right to your choice of social media sites. Here’s how to upload photos to your social media account on iPhone.
August 04, 2017
A while ago, Facebook introduced autoplay for videos on the social network. Perhaps the most obnoxious part about it is that every time a video ad starts playing in your News Feed, you are essentially paying with your precious data or battery power for them to advertise to you. Fortunately, it's easy to disable this feature. Here’s how to disable Facebook’s video autoplay.
July 24, 2017
A while back, you may have noticed color gradients suddenly appearing behind friends' Facebook statuses. At first, I found them quite disconcerting; but I’ve started to get used to the darn things, and I even use them now and again. By now, the feature has rolled out to most (if not all) Facebook users. Here’s how you can add colored or patterned backgrounds to your Facebook posts on iPhone.
April 21, 2017
Instagram is my favorite form of social media. We’ve been trying to convince our web editor, Sarah Kingsbury to get an account for months. And she finally did once I invited her to join, which was easy to do within the Instagram app since she’s also my Facebook friend. If you have friends on Facebook who don’t know the join Instagram, here’s how to invite them to give it a try.
April 12, 2017
Do you have friends who use Facebook to play games like Candy Crush? Do those friends send you constant game invites, never getting the hint that you don’t want to play? If your answer is no, consider yourself lucky. Most of us have logged on to see that all of our notifications were merely invitations to games we’ve never, ever been interested in playing. Luckily, Facebook allows you to turn off notifications for game invites and apps completely. Here’s how to never get a game invite on Facebook again. 
April 08, 2017
If you have an Instagram account, you’ve surely seen reposted photos with credit given to the account it originated from. But there is no option to repost a photo within the Instagram app, so how do they do it? With a third-party app! Being able to repost photos is crucial for businesses and fun for individuals. There are multiple third-party apps you can use to repost photos to Instagram, but I’m going to show you my favorite and how I use it along with the Instagram app to repost a photo.
April 07, 2017
In the world of Facebook, unfriending someone is a big deal. And if you actually know the person, they’ll likely figure out you’ve unfriended them at some point and want to know why. Perhaps it’s not that serious and you would like to stay friends, but you don’t want to see what they post. Luckily, Facebook has the option to unfollow someone while remaining friends. Here’s how to do it.
March 30, 2017
You may have seen some really stunning artwork on Instagram recently that looks like a photo with a really intricate filter. These photos as artwork became a huge trend on social media when the photo editing app Prisma started trending. There are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing Prisma photos and for good reason—they’re stunning. Here’s how to turn your photos into artwork on iPhone.
March 11, 2017
We all know the internet has plenty of people, sitting behind their computer, ready to make a rude, inappropriate, or otherwise unnecessary comment on something they should have just scrolled past. If you’re tired of getting negative comments on your Instagram pictures, there is something you can do about it. Here’s how to filter out negative comments on your Instagram.
February 27, 2017
If you’ve ever sent invites to your Facebook friends for an event, you’ve probably wondered if those that haven’t RSVP'd are still potentially coming or just not comfortable saying no. Well, you can check your invite list on that Facebook event to see whether or not the people you invited have seen the invitation. This makes it easy to estimate how many people might show up. Here’s how to tell whether or not someone has seen your Facebook invitation.
January 03, 2017
Facebook has this nifty little feature called “On This Day” or “Year In Review” that shows you posts from the past and encourages you to share and comment on them, which is great if they’re memories you want to see. However, Facebook selects which pictures to show you based on past interaction, which doesn’t always mean you end up seeing the happiest of memories. There isn’t a blanket way to turn off the feature, but you can designate people and dates you don’t want to be reminded of. You can easily choose to stop setting Facebook memories from within the mobile app. Here’s how to turn off Facebook “On This Day” Memories on iPhone.
July 24, 2016
I’m sure there are plenty of people who love logging on to Facebook and seeing the latest sports scores. I only tend to see these while a game is currently underway, but Facebook is the only way I know a game is being played because I don’t care for watching sports. So if you’re like me and you’d rather not see those sport scores at the top of your Facebook feed, there is a way to turn it off. Here’s how to get Facebook to stop showing you sports scores.
July 02, 2016
Whenever we read something that inspires or excites us, it’s natural to want to share that discovery with others. Luckily, sharing a quote from apps such as Safari, Notes, or iBooks is easy to do. You can share the quote you find on Facebook or Twitter or through Mail and Messages. You can also use this tip to share quotes you find to your Notes app for safe keeping. Here’s how to share a quote from Safari, Notes, iBooks, and more.
June 11, 2016
Facebook uses complex algorithms to try to provide you with the content you want to see the most. Some people hated it when Facebook made the change, because now there are posts from friends you may never see. But Facebook has also added the ability to choose whose posts pop up at the top of your news feed. Here’s how to choose whose posts you see first on Facebook.
May 04, 2016
This is something I’ve always wondered about but didn’t realize there was a solution for until recently. When someone dies, what happens to their Facebook page? This must have been a question posed by many users because Facebook allows you to designate someone to manage your Facebook page if you should happen to die, this is called a Facebook legacy. You can also set your profile to automatically delete once Facebook has been notified of your death. Either way, here’s how to create a will for your Facebook page.
March 29, 2016
You can now set temporary Profile Pictures on Facebook to commemorate events or show support for causes. The Profile Photo expires after a set amount of time, automatically switching back to the original photo it replaced. This is an awesome way to promote a show you’re in, a holiday or event photo that’s fun, or to show support for a cause such as when Facebook allowed users to overlay the rainbow flag on their pictures. Here’s how to set a temporary Profile Picture on Facebook.
March 25, 2016
Awhile back, Facebook began rolling out the ability to upload a seven second video in place of your Facebook profile picture. The short video plays in place of the usual still photo and doesn’t include sound unless someone clicks on the video specifically. It’s yet another addition to the social network that allows you to customize your profile and generally have fun with it. Without further ado, here’s how to set a video as your Facebook profile pic.
February 28, 2016
Subscribing to a feed allows you to easily view and manage blogs, websites, or social media feeds from any Safari page. For example, if you discover a blog you really like, adding it to your subscriptions will allow you to quickly access and read any new posts. You’ll know which websites allow you to do this by whether or not the Add to Shared Links icon appears in your Share options. For websites that do allow it, here’s how to subscribe to a social media feed.
December 11, 2015
Social media is one of many ways to keep in contact with someone these days; it makes sense to include that information within a contact card, especially for the people you interact with most. Doing so allows you to view their social media profile directly from Contacts. Here’s how to include someone’s social media profile information in their contact card.