March 09, 2017
With iOS 10, Apple gave the Messages app its own App Store. You can use apps within Messages to play games, share stickers, invite friends to dinner, and more. Luckily, removing apps and stickers from Messages is even easier than downloading them. Here’s how to remove apps from messages on iPhone.
February 08, 2017
With iOS 10, you can send stickers to your friends that you’ve acquired from the App Store that’s within Messages. Our tip on Stickers in Messages will give you the full rundown if you’re not familiar with how to get and use stickers. If you’ve been using stickers with your friends, you’ve probably received a sticker from a friend that you liked and wanted but didn’t know how to find in the App Store. Well Apple built an easy shortcut into Messages for this exact instance. Here’s how to get the same stickers that your friend just sent you in Messages.
January 12, 2017
With iOS 10, Apple introduced Stickers to the Messages app. We’ve covered how to download and use Stickers in a previous tip. We learned that you can send stickers to friends as a reply, but you can also use a sticker to react to a friend's message. Here’s how to react to a message with a sticker.
December 17, 2016
One of the things you can do to save your iPhone battery is to turn off automatic app updates. However, doing so means your app updates pile up and eventually you have to update them all, usually at the same time. Let’s say you’re updating ten apps, but one of those apps is Facebook Messenger and you need to reply to a friend’s message as soon as possible—you can use 3D Touch to prioritize that app’s update before the others. Here’s how to prioritize app update downloads with 3D Touch.
December 08, 2016
Removing Apple Stock apps from your iPhone is a new feature with iOS 10. While we’ve wanted to delete stock apps for ages, only now is it possible to remove those stock apps from your Home screen. If you delete the stock apps from your Home screen, you can easily reinstall the stock apps from the App Store should you need them in the future. Here’s how to reinstall stock apps on iPhone with iOS 10 or later.
November 16, 2016
The Messages app in iOS 10 on iPhone has its own App Store. While the Messages App Store is mostly stickers, there’s also apps that complement the original app available in the normal App Store. When you download an app from the normal App Store, it will automatically install the complementary Messages app. Luckily, you can turn this whole business off so that apps within Messages are only added manually. Here’s how to turn off automatically installed iMessage apps.
October 21, 2016
If you want to buy an iTunes or Apple gift card for a friend, you can easily do so right from your iPhone. Sending an iTunes gift card is a great gift because it can be used in iTunes, the App Store, Mac App Store, or iBooks so long as the recipient is logged in to each with the same Apple ID. This means the iTunes gift card you buy and send can pay for not only their music but any monthly app subscriptions or best selling novels they’ve had their eye on. If you’re not sure how to send that iTunes gift card, no worries, we’ll go over the whole process below. Here’s how to send an iTunes or Apple gift card from your iPhone.
October 15, 2016
With iOS 10, the Messages app got its own App Store. This will allow you download apps within the Messages app that can be used in conjunction with it. For example, you can download Giphy and share your favorite gifs without needing a gif keyboard. You can also use Messages apps to buy and send stickers, share recipes, share weather forecasts, share flight information and maps, make dinner reservations, and more. It’s a whole new Messages world. Here’s how to download apps in Messages.
October 04, 2016
One of the most basic functions of the iPhone is the ability to download apps from the App Store. You access the app store from Home screen. Once you’ve opened the App Store, downloading apps to iPhone is as simple as finding the apps you want. We’ll cover everything you need to know below. Here’s how to download apps on iPhone.
August 02, 2016
The best part of Apple Family Sharing is... sharing! After setting up your Family Group, you can get to sharing all of your content including iTunes purchases like apps, music, TV shows, and movies, as well as books from the iBooks store (well, except for the content that's hidden.) I love sharing music with my boys, but don't care to have any of their apps on my phone. With this tip you can use Family Sharing to share everything you want to and download none of what you don't. Here’s how to access and download shared purchases with Family Sharing.
July 30, 2016
Who doesn’t love free apps? Luckily, there are a lot free apps in the App Store. But it’s not always easy to tell the awesome free apps from the apps you’ll open once and never again. Luckily there are lots of categories in the App Store that help you search for the specific kind of apps you’re looking for, and there’s also a Free tab so you can sort through only the apps that won’t cost any money to download. Here’s how to find the top free apps in the app store on iPhone.
May 26, 2016
  iPhone app developers release updates from time to time, whether it be to fix bugs or add new features. If you're wondering, "how do I get updates for my apps?" there are two answers. You can change your settings to update apps automatically, but there's also an easy way to check which updates are available for your apps and download them. Let's learn how to quickly update apps all at once on your iPhone. 
December 27, 2015
If you're here, you've probably been given an iTunes gift card and now it's time to redeem it. It's also possible that you've already redeemed your iTunes gift card and simply want to check the remaining Apple gift card balance or add more money to your iTunes balance. You're in the right place; we're going to cover everything you need to know about your Apple gift card. Once you see the steps, it'll be easy to redeem your iTunes gift card, check your iTunes gift card balance, and add money to your iTunes account. We'll also explain the difference between an iTunes gift card, an Apple Store gift card, and an Apple Music gift card and show you a few other things to make the whole process of learning how to use an iTunes gift card as smooth as possible.
September 04, 2015
With the addition of Family Sharing came the ability for family members with separate Apple IDs to share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases made using the same credit card. It also made it easy for parents to approve or deny a child's purchases. As long as Ask to Buy is enabled for the children in the Family Sharing Group, the parent, dubbed the Family Organizer, has total approval power over children's App Store and iTunes purchases (Ask to Buy can't be enabled for adult family members.) The Organizer can also designate a second adult to approve kids' purchases. 
August 10, 2015
In iOS 10, there are now two ways Siri makes app suggestions on the Lock screen. The first is the Siri app suggestions that appear in the Widget pane. The second are the time and location-based app suggestions that appear in the lower left corner of the Lock screen in the same place app icons appear when you’re using Handoff. If you don’t appreciate this feature, it’s easy to turn off app suggestions.