May 17, 2017
The TV app on iPhone or iPad allows you to bring all of your shows and movies together in one app. You can sign in with your cable provider to watch shows from ABC, NBC, and many others. You can also connect your streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and HBONow. If you’re concerned about using too much cellular data watching shows, you can turn this feature off. But if you’ve got enough data and want to watch your shows even when you don’t have Wi-Fi, use this tip to turn on Cellular Data for playback.
April 27, 2017
It’s easy to lose track of the pages you’ve liked on Facebook, and they can add up quickly. Before you know it, your news feed is jammed with content from all those Facebook likes, and you're not seeing the posts from friends and family that you're really looking for. How to see your likes on Facebook, and how to unlike pages on Facebook—those are the questions! There’s an easy iPhone tip to find all your page likes on Facebook so you can unlike the pages you're no longer interested in; let's get started!
April 26, 2017
First of all, what is Snapchat? For those of you who haven't tried it yet, Snapchat is a social platform where photos, or snaps, disappear after they’re viewed and pictures added to My Story vanish after 24 hours. We have a huge article on using Snapchat that I labored over; check that out if you’d like to learn more. Part of the appeal of using Snapchat for many people is the feeling that they can have a private conversation that isn't recorded. Sometimes, though, you may decide that you like a snap and want to keep it. You'll start wondering, "how can I save Snapchat pictures; is there such a thing as a Snapchat download?" It is possible to snap save; here’s how to save Snapchats on your iPhone.
April 24, 2017
If you already have a Paypal account that’s connected to either your bank account or debit/credit card, sending a friend or family member money couldn’t be easier with Paypal on iPhone. The best part is that Paypal doesn’t charge you anything to send money to friends and family, which means it’s perfect for splitting a bill, settling a bet, helping a friend, or whatever other reason you might need to send them money. Here’s how to send someone money via Paypal on iPhone.
April 21, 2017
Instagram is my favorite form of social media. We’ve been trying to convince our web editor, Sarah Kingsbury to get an account for months. And she finally did once I invited her to join, which was easy to do within the Instagram app since she’s also my Facebook friend. If you have friends on Facebook who don’t know the join Instagram, here’s how to invite them to give it a try.
April 20, 2017
​ If you have a limited data plan or a data cap for your iPhone, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on where your cellular data is going. But how do you find out which apps use the most data? How much data does Spotify use? What about YouTube? If you can find out which apps are sucking your data, you can turn off Cellular Data usage for them, which means you’ll only be able to access the apps over Wi-Fi. If you have unlimited data, how to check and manage data usage on an iPhone isn't a big deal. But if you’re trying to stay within a certain amount of gigabytes each month, this data saving tip will make it easy. Here’s how to check what apps are using the most data on your iPhone.
April 17, 2017
Tagging someone on Instagram is pretty straightforward. If you’re viewing an Instagram photo you really like that you want to share with a friend, you can simply tag them in the comments and they'll receive a notification. But did you know you can also send an Instagram picture as a dm, or direct message? If you choose this option, it's more private because you don't have to mention them in the public comments. Let's learn how to direct message a picture on Instagram, or how to just tag someone on an Instagram photo without sending them a dm.
April 15, 2017
Unfollowing friends on Facebook is an easy way to stay friends with someone without seeing their posts. But maybe you want to reconnect with them now. You can easily choose to start following them on Facebook again, which will simply allow Facebook to show you their posts in your News feed. Here’s how to reconnect with people you unfollowed on Facebook.
April 12, 2017
Do you have friends who use Facebook to play games like Candy Crush? Do those friends send you constant game invites, never getting the hint that you don’t want to play? If your answer is no, consider yourself lucky. Most of us have logged on to see that all of our notifications were merely invitations to games we’ve never, ever been interested in playing. Luckily, Facebook allows you to turn off notifications for game invites and apps completely. Here’s how to never get a game invite on Facebook again. 
April 08, 2017
If you have an Instagram account, you’ve surely seen reposted photos with credit given to the account it originated from. But there is no option to repost a photo within the Instagram app, so how do they do it? With a third-party app! Being able to repost photos is crucial for businesses and fun for individuals. There are multiple third-party apps you can use to repost photos to Instagram, but I’m going to show you my favorite and how I use it along with the Instagram app to repost a photo.
April 07, 2017
In the world of Facebook, unfriending someone is a big deal. And if you actually know the person, they’ll likely figure out you’ve unfriended them at some point and want to know why. Perhaps it’s not that serious and you would like to stay friends, but you don’t want to see what they post. Luckily, Facebook has the option to unfollow someone while remaining friends. Here’s how to do it.
April 01, 2017
Facebook knows privacy concerns are at the forefront of users’ minds. Many of you are wondering, "how much of my profile information can people who aren’t my friends see?" "Can I hide my Facebook friends list? How can I hide my Facebook photos?" Luckily, Facebook has a feature called Privacy Checkup that allows you to easily see and change your privacy settings. Here’s how to make Facebook private by changing your Facebook privacy settings on iPhone.
March 30, 2017
You may have seen some really stunning artwork on Instagram recently that looks like a photo with a really intricate filter. These photos as artwork became a huge trend on social media when the photo editing app Prisma started trending. There are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing Prisma photos and for good reason—they’re stunning. Here’s how to turn your photos into artwork on iPhone.
March 29, 2017
A new Instagram feature allows you to upload up to ten photos and videos in one post to your Instagram feed. This creates a sort of slideshow on Instagram that you can share with your friends via your Instagram feed. The slideshow appears on Instagram much the same as a regular post, except you have the ability to swipe left and right to view the other photos or videos in the post. I’m sure Instagram users will come up with many creative ways to use this slideshow feature to its fullest. This is another improvement from Instagram on par with its deciison to finally allow users to create a second Instagram account. Nice to see the company implementing requested features. Here’s how to share multiple photos or videos to Instagram in one post.
March 27, 2017
I don’t know how or why it started, I just want it to stop. The past couple months, I’ve started to receive notifications about random friends’ activity on Facebook. It says something like, “Brenda posted a picture,” to which I’m scratching my head wondering, “and why do I care what Brenda who I knew in 5th grade and haven’t seen since did?” Apparently, I’m not the only one suddenly receiving notifications from random friends. So let’s figure out how to stop this! Here’s how to stop receiving notifications from random friends on Facebook.
March 22, 2017
Instagram introduced My Story to the app a while back. My Story allows users to film or snap pictures and short videos to share with their followers. If a follower is on at the right time, they can even tune into your Story in real time, or they can tap on your circle at the top of their Instagram feed later on to watch it. Your Story lasts a day before disappearing, allowing your followers to keep up with you in yet another way. But maybe there are some followers you’d rather didn’t view your Story on Instagram. You have the option to hide your Instagram Story from specific people; here’s how.
March 11, 2017
We all know the internet has plenty of people, sitting behind their computer, ready to make a rude, inappropriate, or otherwise unnecessary comment on something they should have just scrolled past. If you’re tired of getting negative comments on your Instagram pictures, there is something you can do about it. Here’s how to filter out negative comments on your Instagram.
March 08, 2017
When you’re the host of a Facebook event, you can edit a guest's invitation. This gives you the ability to remove them, thereby un-inviting them from the event. You can also select the status of their RSVP, meaning you can say they’re Going, Interested, or Can’t Go. However, they will be notified that you’ve done this. Regardless, sometimes you just need to use your Host privileges, which is why Facebook set it up this way. Here’s how to un-invite someone from your Facebook event.
March 06, 2017
Tired of receiving negative comments on your Instagram posts? If you’d rather not hear the comments from the critical internet on your Instagram feed, you can turn off comments for individual posts. You’ll need to manually turn off comments each time you post if you don’t want people to be able to leave a comment at all. Here’s how to turn off comments on your Instagram post.
March 02, 2017
Finally! Instagram recently rolled out an update that allows you to like (love?) comments. When you like a post, you tap on the heart to let the user know. Well, when you like a comment you can tap on the newly added heart next to each comment on a post. This is a feature I’ve been wishing for since I started using Instagram, and it’s finally here! Here’s how to like a comment on Instagram.
February 27, 2017
If you’ve ever sent invites to your Facebook friends for an event, you’ve probably wondered if those that haven’t RSVP'd are still potentially coming or just not comfortable saying no. Well, you can check your invite list on that Facebook event to see whether or not the people you invited have seen the invitation. This makes it easy to estimate how many people might show up. Here’s how to tell whether or not someone has seen your Facebook invitation.
February 23, 2017
The Amazon Kindle app is available for free for just about any and every device you can think of. That means not only can you read your e-books on a Kindle, but also on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook as well. Adding a device to your Amazon account is as simple as downloading the app and logging in with your Amazon account email and password. But what about when you get a new iPhone or buy a different Kindle? As you upgrade devices, the old devices will remain on your Amazon Kindle Account, which can lead to e-book samples accidentally being sent to the wrong device, unless you delete the device, a.k.a., deregister it. Here’s how to delete an old iPhone, iPad, or other device from your Amazon account on iPhone.
February 14, 2017
Control Center is great because it allows you to quickly do all kinds of useful things like turn Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, and Do Not Disturb on or off, lock your screen orientation, control playback, adjust volume levels, open your phone's calculator, and use your iPhone as a flashlight. However, some people worry about privacy when Control Center is accessible from Lock Screen (although, rest assured, nothing private can be opened without unlocking your phone), and others get tired of accidentally opening Control Center in an app while playing a game. Which is why Apple made it possible to turn off access to Control Center from Lock screen and within apps. Here’s how to disable access to Control Center from Lock Screen.
January 26, 2017
Saving a still from a Live Photo on iPhone can be done in two ways. The first is to simply duplicate a Live Photo but save it as a still. However, that method doesn’t allow you to select a single frame from the Live Photo. You can use our tip on saving a still of your Live Photo if that’s what you want, but if you want to save a frame within the Live part of the Live Photo, this tip will allow you to do that. We’ll use the free app, Lively to save a still from the Live Photo. It’s easy to do. Here’s how to save a single frame from a Live Photo on iPhone.
January 03, 2017
Facebook has this nifty little feature called “On This Day” or “Year In Review” that shows you posts from the past and encourages you to share and comment on them, which is great if they’re memories you want to see. However, Facebook selects which pictures to show you based on past interaction, which doesn’t always mean you end up seeing the happiest of memories. There isn’t a blanket way to turn off the feature, but you can designate people and dates you don’t want to be reminded of. You can easily choose to stop setting Facebook memories from within the mobile app. Here’s how to turn off Facebook “On This Day” Memories on iPhone.