July 06, 2018
It’s easy to lose track of the pages you’ve liked on Facebook, and they can add up quickly. Before you know it, your news feed is jammed with content from all those Facebook likes, and you're not seeing the posts from friends and family that you're really looking for. How to see your likes on Facebook, and how to unlike pages on Facebook—those are the questions! There’s an easy iPhone tip to find all your page likes on Facebook so you can unlike the pages you're no longer interested in; let's get started!
June 29, 2018
Want to know how to find Apple purchases using Family Sharing? After all, the best part of Apple Family Sharing is... sharing! After setting up your Family Group, you can get to sharing all of your content, including purchases like apps, music, TV shows, and movies, as well as books from the Apple Books app (well, except for the content that's hidden.) I love sharing music with my boys, but don't care to have any of their apps on my phone. With this tip you can use Family Sharing to share everything you want to and download none of what you don't. Here’s how to access and download shared purchases with Family Sharing.
June 27, 2018
If you like to download and try out new apps, you know how quickly the Home Screen on your iPhone can become a disorganized mess. We've already gone over how to move apps on the iPhone, as well as how to create app folders; but there's a cool trick that makes it easier than ever to rearrange an entire Home Screens of apps at once or to drag multiple apps in to a folder at once on your iPhone. Let's get started learning how to quickly and easily get all those app icons where you want them on your Home Screen. 
June 23, 2018
Splurging on a $7.99 iOS game is not something I make a habit out of, but Oceanhorn is well worth the price. While some will dismiss it as a Zelda-like action adventure, I would argue that even calling it that is a compliment. Especially since you can’t play Zelda on your iPhone—comparing Oceanhorn, oringally an iOS game, to one of the most successful game franchises in history is a massive tip of the hat. And one that I think is well deserved. If you enjoy an action adventure game with a strong storyline, beautifully animated world, and addictive gameplay, Oceanhorn is right for you. Learn more about the game Oceanhorn and why we love it below.
June 20, 2018
One of my very favorite iPhone features is a simple one, the camera! It's convenient and fun to have a camera in my pocket all the time, and to be able edit my photos right on my iPhone for the best results. Recently I learned that it's possible to use compatible third-party camera and photo-editing apps as an extension, right from my Photos app. And while many of the best photo-editing apps cost money, there are lots of free photo-editor apps with Photos extensions to choose from as well. Let's get started learning how to enable a third-part photo-editor app extension, so you can have as much fun with iPhone photography as I am. 
June 09, 2018
When you have thousands of photos, there’s no way you’re going to look through them to try and spot the duplicates. There’s also the matter of exact versus similar duplicates—it would be a pain in the ass to try and sort that out manually. Well, a question in the iPhone Life Facebook group about this very topic sent me on a search for the best app for easily removing duplicate photos. And I do believe I’ve found it: Remo Duplicate Photos Remover on the iPhone is a free app that scans all of your photos, presenting you with a quick look at all of the duplicates. Then the app makes it easy for you to quickly remove the photos you don’t want to keep. Learn more on what this app does and why we love it below.
June 07, 2018
Instagram account holders have been hit with a wave of spam lately, and from a different source than many have previously experienced. I'm talking about the auto-like or auto-follow phenomenon, where Instagrammers suddenly notice they're following unfamiliar accounts. How does this happen? Insta-following seems to happen when Instagram apps are granted more access to our accounts than they should have. Let's learn how to revoke permissions from spammy apps so we can reclaim our iPhone's Instagram feeds.
May 26, 2018
1SE is a video-diary app that allows you to save one second videos of each day. The app will then automatically string all of those memories together to create a movie collection of your life. You can view them anytime or at the end of a year to reflect. It’s any easy yet beautiful way to capture and appreciate a little something from each day you live. With the latest update, you can add two one-second snippets to each day, as well as add journal notes and record your mood. The added features make this both the perfect keepsake and journaling app. Learn more on what 1SE does and why we love it below.
May 12, 2018
Have you ever lost an app on your iPad or iPhone? It can happen more easily than you might think. Maybe you stuck it in a folder in an effort to declutter your Home screen, or even deleted it to create space for the latest iOS update, and then forgot. Or maybe you just have so many apps it's lost in the crowd. Whether you have a missing app on your iPhone, a hidden app on your iPhone, or have simply deleted your app, here's how to find an app that disappeared from your device.
May 08, 2018
​ If you have a limited data plan or a data cap for your iPhone, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on where your cellular data is going. But how do you find out which apps use the most data? How much data does Spotify use? What about YouTube? If you can find out which apps are sucking your data, you can turn off Cellular Data usage for them, which means you’ll only be able to access the apps over Wi-Fi. If you have unlimited data, how to check and manage data usage on an iPhone isn't a big deal. But if you’re trying to stay within a certain amount of gigabytes each month, this data saving tip will make it easy. Here’s how to check what apps are using the most data on your iPhone.
May 05, 2018
There are a lot of different apps you could use to learn a language, but not all language apps give you the tools to truly become fluent in a language. Babbel offers language learning at a classroom level from the comfort of your smart devices. The app offers fourteen different languages and more than 8500 hours of learning content across them. I chose this app to feature because of the way it engages the learner; it immediately felt different to me than the numerous other language apps I’ve tried. We’ll go over more on what it does and why we love it below.
May 02, 2018
You might want to uninstall apps because your storage is filling up. Or you might be wondering how to delete apps on your iPhone because your home screen has gotten cluttered. It's not obvious how to remove apps from your iPhone, but once you see how it works, it's fast and easy. Let's get started learning how to uninstall apps on your iPhone so you can declutter your Homescreen and free up storage.
April 28, 2018
I love newsletters—they’re often the best way to keep up with a website or organization that I enjoy. But it’s also really easy to sign up for way too many and end up with an inbox overrun by subscriptions. And it’s a major pain in the ass to unsubscribe from each individual newsletter. Luckily, you don’t have to. Unroll.Me makes unsubscribing from newsletters super easy, and the app also makes it easy to keep up with the newsletters you do love and want to read. If your inbox feels overrun with emails you don’t read, you need this app. We’ll go over more on what this app does and why we love it below.
April 27, 2018
Facebook knows privacy concerns are at the forefront of users’ minds. Many of you are wondering, "how much of my profile information can people who aren’t my friends see?" "Can I hide my Facebook friends list? How can I hide my Facebook photos?" Luckily, Facebook has a feature called Privacy Checkup that allows you to easily see and change your privacy settings. Here’s how to make Facebook private by changing your Facebook privacy settings on iPhone.
April 25, 2018
Apple announced the Apple Business Chat platform at WWDC 2017 and iOS 11.3 has finally introduced us to the program. The Business Chat platform allows iPhone users to connect with companies through iMessages, or from the businesses' app or website, rather than talking on the phone. Apple is rolling out Business Chat slowly; it's only available as a beta version right now, with a limited number of partner companies. Let's stay ahead of the curve and learn how to use Business Chat on our iPhones. 
April 21, 2018
Cost, convenience, and (lack of) variety are three major factors that either hold people back from working out or make it difficult for them to work out consistently. But Aaptiv removes all of those obstacles with its audio-based fitness classes, programs, and challenges led by professional trainers. For $14.99 a month or $99.99 a year, Aaptiv gives you access to over 2500 classes with more being added each week. Plus, there are classes designed for the gym, working out at home, and even for working out while traveling. I honestly didn’t expect to like this app as much as I do; it’s audio-based format is completely different than any other fitness class app I’ve seen, and that’s what makes it shine. Check out more on what Aaptiv does and why we love it below.
April 20, 2018
I don't know about you, but before I purchase an app in the App Store, I like to read a few reviews to see how other customers have liked (or disliked) their purchase. Now iOS 11.3 makes it easier than ever before to sort app reviews so customers can find the information they want about individual apps. Let's get started learning how to find and sort user-submitted reviews in the App Store on our iPhones, so we have more information before purchasing apps. 
April 14, 2018
I love gaming on my iPhone, and I am happy to pay for an app. But too often, I’ll get into a ‘free’ game only to end up spending more on in-app purchases than I ever would have on a single game for any regular gaming console. Which is why Riptide GP: Renegade is such a refreshing surprise. I spent $2.99 for the initial game, which is a great price considering the developers don’t upsell you within the app at all. The graphics are beautiful, the racing controls are the smoothest I’ve ever tried, and it feels like a normal game because once I buy it, it’s fully-featured and ready to play. All of this combined makes Riptide GP: Renegade the best racing game on the iPhone. We’ll cover more on what this game offers and why I love it below.
April 10, 2018
There are two kinds of people: those who keep their apps in folders and those who don’t. Personally, I keep 90 percent of my apps in folders and the rest on my Home screen. You probably know that in order to make an apps folder, you drag apps together and a folder is automatically created. But maybe you're wondering how to delete folders from your iPhone so you can rearrange your apps. Let’s get started learning how to delete folders from your iPhone so you can reorganize your apps.
April 07, 2018
Everyone has to eat to live, which is why apps that make planning, shopping, and preparing healthy meals are a godsend. This year I’ve been cooking the most I ever have in my life, and I’ve quickly realized how difficult it can be to keep all the recipes I’ve tried (or want to try) organized. And on top of that, there seemed to be no way to use those recipes to create a shopping list. But what I didn't previously know about is today’s incredible app: Paprika 3. For a one-time purchase of $4.99, this app allows you to save recipes from the internet without having to type any ingredients or directions. You can create a list of everything in your own pantry, build a meal plan with recipes you’ve saved, and add whatever you need to buy to a grocery list. All the work that takes place outside of the kitchen can be done with Paprika 3. There’s a whole lot this app can do, and we'll cover it all below.
March 31, 2018
I have never used my Photos app to properly sort my pictures into albums, and I’m going to make an educated guess and say that this is true for most of us. We take a bunch of photos at an event or with friends, share the ones we love, and let the others take up space on our devices. When it comes time to find a photo, I’m always searching through the All Photos album, scanning for the one I need. But there is a better way! I found Slidebox because I was looking for an app that would let me easily create albums, sort photos into those albums, and delete the photos I don’t need to keep. To my absolute delight, Slidebox allows me to do this super easily by using swiping gestures to quickly sort through photos like you sort through potential connections on Tinder. Learn more on why I love this app and what it does below.
March 30, 2018
  iPhone app developers release updates from time to time, whether it be to fix bugs or add new features. If you're wondering, "how do I get updates for my apps?" there are two answers. You can change your settings to update apps automatically, but there's also an easy way to check which updates are available for your apps and download them. Let's learn how to quickly update apps all at once on your iPhone. 
March 24, 2018
Organizing your life so that it works for you instead of against you is a great way to lower overall stress and free up some brain power. Wunderlist is a to-do list and task manager that allows you to easily keep track of any area of life, get reminders about what you need to do, and collaborate with others from right within the app. I also use Wunderlist to make lists of random things I want to remember, such as movies I want to watch or books I want to read. On the surface, it’s easy to look at Wunderlist and see just a to-do app, but the plethora of features make it an incredible tool for staying organized and on top of things without having to remember it all yourself. We’ll go over more on what Wunderlist does and why we love it below.
March 22, 2018
When you enable automatic updates for your apps, the iPhone will update all your apps at once instead of requiring you to manually update each app individually. To enable automatic updates for all your apps, open Settings and enable Updates inside the Automatic Downloads menu. Let's learn how to save time by setting all your iPhone apps to update automatically.