October 05, 2017
With each new iOS, Apple improves the once barely adequate Notes app. Now, it’s a bona fide note-taking app with lots of features. With iOS 11, the list of features grows with the ability to add tables to a note now possible. Making a table in the Notes app can be helpful for creating various items. For example, you could use one to keep an easy tally of your expenses. Here’s how to add a table to Notes with iOS 11 on iPhone.
August 08, 2017
We’ve covered how to lock notes in the Notes app on iPhone. But what if you want to remove a lock? Perhaps you locked a note for a period of time but no longer need to keep it hidden. How do you get rid of the lock on that note? Luckily, it’s just as easy to remove a lock from a note as it was to add a lock. Here’s how to remove a lock from notes on the iPhone.
June 14, 2017
Once you get the hang of editing text on iPhone, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is. Furthermore, adding italics, bold text, or an underline on the iPhone is also easily doable. You can also indent right, select, copy, and paste text on the iPhone. It all starts with highlighting the text you want to edit. Let’s jump in; here’s how to edit and format text on the iPhone.
March 16, 2017
If you’re concerned about Notes disappearing on your iPhone, creating all your Notes in your iCloud Notes folder is the best way to go. But if you have a note with sensitive material that you want to keep super private, you can store those notes locally on your iPhone. To do this, you simply turn the On My iPhone account on for Notes. We’ll go over how to do that. Here’s how to keep your sensitive notes out of the iCloud.
January 21, 2017
iPhones with 3D Touch are able to jump directly into specific places within apps by 3D Touching an app’s icon. Most Apple stock apps have Quick Actions, such as the Notes app. When you 3D Touch the Note app icon, it will show your most recent note and give you four options for Quick Actions: New Note, New Checklist, New Photo, and New Sketch. We’ll go over how to use 3D Touch to quickly create a new checklist in Notes on iPhone.
January 20, 2017
When Apple released iOS 9, Notes added a lot of features including the ability to create folders, share websites, add images to Notes, and more. Those features are still present in Notes on iOS 10 as well. One of the things you can do in Notes is draw a sketch and add it to the note. If you have an iPhone with 3D Touch (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus), you have the ability to sketch dark or light lines, depending on how firmly you press when drawing. Here’s how to make more nuanced sketches in Notes with 3D Touch on iPhone.
December 13, 2016
If you're looking for a particular note, you can search within individual folders in the Notes app. But what if you want to search through all the notes in the app all at once? It's easy to do. Starting with iOS 11, Notes has its own search bar within the app. You'll just have to pull down slightly on the screen to make it appear. By searching your Notes with its search bar, you can find any note you've created by searching for terms from the note. Here's how to search the Notes app on your iPhone. 
October 26, 2016
With iOS 10 on iPhone, you can collaborate in Notes with your friends. This is helpful, especially, for shared grocery or to-do lists. You can create a list of needed household items and everyone else can add the things they need to the same list. That way, when someone goes to the store, everything needed is in one place and easily checked off the list. We used this in our office when we went camping to make sure everyone brought their assigned item. You can also use collaboration in Notes in a number of different ways, limited only by your imagination and the capabilities of the app. Here’s how to collaborate in Notes with iOS 10 on iPhone.
October 05, 2016
By default, the Notes app sorts your notes by most recently updated. Even if you created a note years ago, if you edit that note it will appear at the top of the list afterward. This can be helpful, but very unorganized. However, you can easily sort your notes alphabetically by changing your settings. Your notes will then be sorted according to either the title or first line (if the note doesn't have a title). If you’re better at remembering the beginning of your note or the title of your note, this is a great option for easier organization in the Notes app. Here’s how to sort Notes alphabetically.
July 02, 2016
Whenever we read something that inspires or excites us, it’s natural to want to share that discovery with others. Luckily, sharing a quote from apps such as Safari, Notes, or iBooks is easy to do. You can share the quote you find on Facebook or Twitter or through Mail and Messages. You can also use this tip to share quotes you find to your Notes app for safe keeping. Here’s how to share a quote from Safari, Notes, iBooks, and more.
June 19, 2016
Whether you want to use this feature to take travel journaling notes about your adventures or to remember a particular place you went that you liked, saving a Map location in Notes is easy to do on your iPhone. You could add the location to your Map Favorites as well, but placing the location in Notes gives you a chance to add extra information. Here’s how to save a map location in notes.
June 09, 2016
By default, when you create a new note in the Notes app, you’re immediately creating the body of the note. This is so you can jump straight into the thought you were having and get it on “paper” in the Notes app. However, it’s easier to keep notes organized and know what is what if each note has its own headline. Here’s how to automatically start each note with a headline.
May 25, 2016
We recently did a tip on how to password protect your notes. This feature was added with iOS 9.3. If you haven’t already set up password protect for notes, you’ll need to check out that tip and set it up first. You may have noticed that unlocking one note unlocks all your notes. Here’s how to lock all of your notes at once.
April 16, 2016
With the introduction of iOS 9.3, the Notes app gained the capability to password protect your Notes. If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, you can also use that to gain access. This feature has been met with much excitement, and I think the Notes app is finally becoming pleasant to use. Whether you want to protect confidential information or simply keep a private journal, here’s how to password protect your notes.
October 04, 2015
The Notes app on the iPhone and iPad is a surprisingly useful, multi-functional tool. Whether you want to manage a project, set yourself weekly goals, or create a grocery list you won’t forget at home, it’s easy and efficient. You can add links, insert photos, include sketches, create checkable to-do lists, collaborate with others on a shared note, lock your notes for extra privacy, and more. You can see all our Notes app how-tos here.  But first, let's get started with the most basic function of the Notes app: creating to-do lists.
September 27, 2015
Notes receives my award for most improved app of the iOS 9 update. One of the big upgrades is the Sketch feature. Now, Notes combines text, sketch, picture, and sharing to give you many note-taking options. With three different "marker" tips, a ruler, eraser, and color easel, it's a pretty basic sketch application, but it's effective and easily combined with text or images. 
September 24, 2015
One of the many upgrades in iOS 9 is the Notes app. Now, you can do things such as draw using your finger and add photo. It's a whole new app. One of the changes is the ability to share websites to your notes. For example, if you find an article that is relevant to a project you're working on, you can share it to one of your notes, add text, and open your note anytime to find the link waiting.