November 11, 2015
Removing a song from your Apple Music library is as easy as adding a song. If the song you’re deleting is downloaded on your iPhone, you’ll have two options when removing it: Remove Download and Delete from Library. We’ll go over what each of those mean and how to delete songs from your Apple Music library below.
October 17, 2015
Within Settings, music playback can be adjusted to get the most out of your headphones and provide the best sound regardless of your surrounding environment. This means changing the EQ which adjusts the frequencies of sound as you perceive them. For instance, if you have a hard time hearing bass, you would increase the lower frequencies with bass booster. Or, if you’re listening to rock music, there’s an EQ option for rock.
October 01, 2015
Not all streaming services are created equal. With the release of Apple Music, listeners quickly realized there were no quality control options. The difference, until now, was automatic: you heard higher quality sound when streaming music over a Wi-Fi connection than when streaming across cellular data. With iOS 9, Apple is letting you decide for yourself whether better music quality is worth increasing your cellular data usage or not. 
September 12, 2015
The other day I decided to make a playlist of songs I listen to on repeat, and lucky for you, I decided to document my obsession with Britney Spears and Taylor Swift in order to show the steps required to create a playlist in Apple Music.
August 16, 2015
Getting up in the morning can sometimes be a challenge. And waking up to the blaring beep or buzz of an alarm can make it even worse. If you use your iPhone as a wake up device in the mornings you can choose to wake up to your favorite song instead. Here’s how:
July 23, 2015
To listen to Apple Music offline, you need to download the songs you would like to make available for offline listening. Apple Music allows you to add lots of songs to your library without having them take up space on your device, but if you want to listen to those songs offline (or without using your data plan) you should download the songs you want to listen to offline. Luckily, it’s easy to make an album or song available offline in Apple Music. Here’s how.
July 11, 2015
Use timers a lot? Here's a fun way to use music on your iPhone to time showers and other activities like workouts or your kids' chores. If you like to fall asleep listening to music or podcasts and want playback to stop after a set time, this tip will work for that too.
July 10, 2015
For new Apple Music users, Apple offers a three-month trial. When those three months are up, you can choose to cancel your subscription if you’ve decided it’s not for you. But Apple will automatically begin to charge your account if you haven’t turned off auto renew. On the other hand, let’s say you’ve been using Apple Music for a while but want to cancel. You can use this tip to make sure your account isn’t automatically renewed for another month of Apple Music. Here’s how to turn off Apple Music auto renew on the iPhone.