October 28, 2016
A while back, Apple added more racial diversity to the faces on its emoji keyboard. While none of the emoticons or family groups offer options for different skin tones, the single human characters and body parts (hands, noses, etc.) all come with the diversity options. At this point, we’ve all seen Apple keyboard emojis in all their diversity, but not everyone knows how to use or change what emoji they select. Here’s how to use the diverse emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad.
October 08, 2016
We’ve been able to add emojis to text messages on iPhone for many years. But as the operating system updates have been released over time, more and more emojis had been introduced, which means there’s a lot to look through in order to find that specific emoji you want to use. Apple solved this problem with iOS 10. Now you can add emojis to a text message without scrolling through pages looking. Here’s how to add emojis to a text without opening the emoji keyboard.
September 20, 2016
Emoticons are the little icons created from punctuation and symbol keys and are inserted into text to indicate your mood or intention. Most desktop computer programs automatically convert symbols to graphical emoticons. For example, if you type in :-) most programs will automatically convert it to a smily face emoji symbol. iPhone keyboards automatically have a stock of emojis, but you can also download free emoji apps from the App Store. With the introduction of iOS 10, you can also add emojis to text messages by simply typing in the text field with a description of the emoji symbol you want to use. We'll go over that and more below; here's how to add emojis to text messages. 
July 25, 2016
The on-screen keyboard on the iPad may seem unmovable, but users actually have multiple options. One such option that’s pretty well known is the ability to split keyboard and have half for your right hand and half for your left hand. But did you know you can undock the keyboard from the bottom of the screen and move it anywhere you want? You can and it’s easy to do. Here’s how to undock the iPad keyboard and move it around the screen.
July 10, 2016
If you need to express money in dollars on the iPhone, it’s easy to find. You simply tap the 123 button on the keyboard and there it is. But what if you need to express how many pounds or even how many cents something cost? You can easily find alternate currency symbols on iPhone the same way you find all the other hidden characters of the keyboard. Here’s how to type currency symbols on your iPhone.
June 30, 2016
This is one of those small tips that blew my mind upon discovery. Periods come at the end of every sentence, which means we’re doomed to constantly tap the 123 button on the iPhone or iPad keyboard to get access to that little bugger. Or are we? It turns out there’s a super fast shortcut for typing a period that brought me an irrational amount of joy. Here’s how to type a period with only the space bar.
June 20, 2016
There are plenty of keys and character variations that the small keyboard of the iPhone simply can’t fit on the screen. However, accented characters and other extra options are available—they’re merely hidden so as to take up little space. You can use this tip anytime you’re using the iPhone’s onscreen keyboard to see more options. Here’s how to view alternate characters on the keyboard.
June 10, 2016
Thanks to Apple's predictive text feature, called QuickType, your iOS device will suggest words that it thinks you want to use next so you don't have to type them yourself. While AutoCorrect guesses at a word, based on the letters you typed, QuickType predicts what word you might type next based on the context of your message or document. If you find QuickType's context-based suggestions creepy rather than cool, you can easily hide the feature, or you can turn it off completely. Here's how to turn off predictive text completely on your iPhone. 
June 06, 2016
When you have an iPad, knowing a few keyboard shortcuts for your external keyboard is essential. Unless you enjoy touching the screen every two seconds, keyboard shortcuts are great for completing common tasks in a second. This tip will focus on two. Once you’ve used them a few times, they’ll become habit. Here’s how to Spotlight search and return to Home screen with keyboard shortcuts on iPad.
June 04, 2016
If you are bilingual, either between English and Spanish or between English and emoji, chances are you’ve had some experience with keyboards on your iPhone. You can access new iPhone keyboards whether you're fluent in another language, have a need to use emojis to express yourself, or want to use a third-party keyboard. Once you’ve set up the multiple keyboards, it’s easy to switch between them. Here’s how to switch between keyboards on your iPhone.
May 30, 2016
If you use a keyboard on your iPad or iPhone, keyboard shortcuts are a fantastic way to easily get around. Instead of constantly touching the screen, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly complete actions. This tip focuses on using keyboard shortcuts to browse through the Mail app and Safari. Here’s how to browse using keyboard shortcuts on your iPad.
March 28, 2016
A hilarious function of modern devices is the extra sounds we have to mimic the sounds older technology used to make. Two such sounds are the Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sounds of the iPhone. When the function is turned on, you’ll hear a shutting sound when pressing your sleep/wake button that lets you know you’ve locked your phone without needing to check. Or, when you’re typing on the iOS keyboard, you’ll hear clicking sounds letting you know you haven’t missed a letter. However, a lot of people find this unnecessary. Here’s how to turn off Lock Sounds and Keyboard Clicks.
January 09, 2016
Apple introduced third-party keyboards in iOS 8 after a lot of user requests. Now, the options seem endless, from the popular SwiftKey app to adding a gif keyboard for fun communication between friends. To add a third-party keyboard, the first thing you need to do is download a keyboard app from the App Store. Once downloaded, the setup is easy.
December 29, 2015
These days, hands-free iPhone operations are easier than ever. You can navigate in Maps, jam out to music, and look up information on Safari just by asking Siri to take over for you. And you can also use Siri to send hands-free texts, create reminders, make a list in Notes, and more. For most people, Siri commands will take care of all your dictation needs. But if you want to mostly dictate text instead of using a keyboard, you can also enable Dictation on your iOS device. In this article, we'll show you how to send texts and simple emails via Siri and how to enable Dictation if you want to leave your iPhone keyboard behind completely, and we'll share a few simple dictation commands to get you started. 
December 14, 2015
Once you get the hang of editing text on iPhone, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is. Furthermore, adding italics, bold text, or an underline on the iPhone is also easily doable. You can also indent right, select, copy, and paste text on the iPhone. It all starts with highlighting the text you want to edit. Let’s jump in; here’s how to edit and format text on the iPhone.
November 28, 2015
For those who have an iPhone with 3D Touch, selecting text for editing has never been easier. With 3D Touch, you can turn your keyboard into a trackpad in most Apple apps and use your finger to highlight the words you need to edit. Here’s how to quickly select and edit text with 3D Touch on iPhone.
October 22, 2015
When typing on the iPhone's keyboard, every character you press pops up as you select it. If you’re not a fan of the feature, it’s easy to turn off.
September 29, 2015
You can easily select text on iPad or iPhone by turning your keyboard into a trackpad. This is available on iPads running at least iOS 9 and iPhones running iOS 10. Before, when selecting text, there were multiple steps and your vision was obstructed by your own finger. Now you can press into your keyboard, turn it into a trackpad, and easily move your finger to select text or place the cursor in another place for easy editing. Here’s how to easily select text on iPad or iPhone.
September 28, 2015
One of the smaller changes with iOS 9 is the appearance of the keyboard when using the Shift key. Before, the keys were uppercase in appearance and the highlighted shift key was the only way to know you were typing in uppercase. With the update, the keys are lowercase except when Shift is active: the entire keyboard changes to uppercase. This can make it easier to know which case you're typing in; however, if you prefer the previous set-up, there's a simple Settings change to turn the lowercase keys off.