September 08, 2015
Everyone hates getting email spam. Sometimes it can be more than just annoying. Sometimes spammers can collect information from your device when the email is opened. If the email contains an image, it usually is downloaded from a remote server. When you open the email, it can tell spammers that you’ve opened it and can even show your approximate location. Pretty scary huh?
September 07, 2015
Unless you have unlimited data on your iPhone or iPad, it is imperative that you use Wi-Fi whenever possible to avoid costly overage charges on your cell phone bill. You probably already use Wi-Fi at home and at friends' houses and fortunately, free Wi-Fi can also be found in public spaces, from coffee shops, to libraries, and even fast-food restaurants. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi as well. And if you’re traveling overseas, virtually every function of the iPhone can be performed using Wi-Fi so you don’t have to pay international phone costs.
September 04, 2015
With the addition of Family Sharing came the ability for family members with separate Apple IDs to share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases made using the same credit card. It also made it easy for parents to approve or deny a child's purchases. As long as Ask to Buy is enabled for the children in the Family Sharing Group, the parent, dubbed the Family Organizer, has total approval power over children's App Store and iTunes purchases (Ask to Buy can't be enabled for adult family members.) The Organizer can also designate a second adult to approve kids' purchases. 
September 03, 2015
The Apple Watch is set to remind you to stand every waking hour for at least a minute. If you're at a desk for multiple hours at a time, this can be beneficial and add to your over-all health. However, the Apple Watch's stand sensor is not always the most accurate; many users report getting stand reminders right when they have stood up multiple times throughout the hour. Fortunately, it couldn't be easier to get that pesky reminder to shush. And whether Stand Reminders are enabled or not, your Apple Watch will continue to track how often you move. 
September 02, 2015
Using your iPhone as a remote for Apple TV is super easy to set up. Apple has improved upon the Remote app for Apple TV just as it’s improved upon the Apple TV itself. You can set up the remote app for Apple TV in a few quick steps. Why do this? The major benefit of using the Apple TV Remote app is that the remote device need not be in line of sight for the Apple TV to respond. With the app you can change media from any room as long as both the device and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi. The Remote app also allows you to input text for searches from your iPhone's keyboard. Here’s how to set up the Remote app for Apple TV on iPhone.