September 09, 2015
I use the iOS Voice Memos app that came pre-installed on my iPhone quite often. (Sorry, iPad users, this is an iPhone-only app.)  I use it when I’m interviewing someone for an article, at my doctor’s appointments (with my doctor’s permission) when I want to make sure I hear everything she is telling me regarding my medications, and, of course, if I want to record a quick memo. If I want to save part of the recording for future reference, it is much easier and efficient to trim the parts I don’t need. Here’s how:
September 08, 2015
Everyone hates getting email spam. Sometimes it can be more than just annoying. Sometimes spammers can collect information from your device when the email is opened. If the email contains an image, it usually is downloaded from a remote server. When you open the email, it can tell spammers that you’ve opened it and can even show your approximate location. Pretty scary huh?