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December 20, 2017
In the 73rd episode of the iPhone Life Podcast, listen in as the team covers the latest iOS news, from Amazon Prime Video's arrival in the Apple TV store to Apple's acquisition of the music recognition platform Shazam. Other topics include best apps and gear for the holiday season and tips for using iOS 11's Drag and Drop feature on your iPhone.
December 06, 2017
In the 72nd episode, iPhone Life COO Noah Siemsen joins the team to discuss the pros and cons of life with the new Apple Watch Series 3, including whether cellular service is worth it and what the teams loves (and doesn't love) about Apple's newest wearable.
November 22, 2017
In the 71st episode of the iPhone Life Podcast, tune in as David and Conner discuss their experience with the iPhone X, including using Face ID, navigating without a Home button, taking selfies with the front-facing Portrait mode, and more. 
November 07, 2017
In the 70th episode of the iPhone Life Podcast, tune in as David takes on Conner in a debate over whether Spotify or Apple Music is the superior music streaming service. 
October 25, 2017
Anxious to get your hands on the iPhone X? In the 69th episode, members of the iPhone Life team share pro tips for making sure you're one of the first to pre-order Apple's premium new iPhone. Other topics include listeners' most loved and hated features of iOS 11 and addictive iPhone games we're loving right now. CORRECTION: Pre-orders start Friday, October 27, at 12 a.m., Pacific time, not Saturday as stated in the podcast. Basically this means you'll be staying up very late on October 26 to place your order the minute October 27 begins.
October 11, 2017
Early reviews of the cellular Apple Watch Series 3 uncover issues connecting to LTE when in range of Wi-Fi networks. In the 68th episode, the iPhone Life team weighs in on the significance of this problem. Sarah, David, and Donna also discuss who should buy which of the three smartwatches Apple now offers. 
September 27, 2017
In the 67th episode of the iPhone Life Podcast, the team shares their most loved and hated features of iOS 11 (spoiler: Donna's a big fan of Drag and Drop and Sarah loves lane guidance in Apple Maps). They also address concerns about the privacy and security of the iPhone X's Face ID feature and teach you how to optimize your storage with iOS 11.
September 12, 2017
Should you upgrade to Apple's $1,000 new iPhone X or defend your dollars and opt for one of the more reasonably priced iPhone 8 models? Sarah and David fiercely debate this point in the 66th episode of the iPhone Life Podcast following Apple's tenth-anniversary event. The team also analyzes the significance of the tech giant's other big updates, from the cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 to the 4K Apple TV.
August 30, 2017
In the 65th episode, the iPhone Life team unpacks all of the latest rumors as Apple's tenth anniversary product launch quickly approaches. Tune in to learn what to expect from the iPhone 8, Apple TV, and Apple Watch on the most exciting day of the year for Apple fans.
August 16, 2017
In this special back-to-school episode, the iPhone Life team shares tips and gear recommendations for students and parents and gives you the scoop on Apple's free Beats headphones for students who buy MacBooks or iPads. Also listen in to hear the latest iPhone 8 and Apple Watch rumors as Apple's fall announcement approaches.
August 01, 2017
In the 63rd episode, the iPhone Life team focuses in on Apple Watch features that can help you get the most accurate Apple Watch fitness and exercise metrics. Other topics include the coolest new technology and smart-office ideas for the ultimate smart-office setup (spoiler: Donna and Sarah love standing and elliptical desks) and whether or not using Message Reactions in the iPhone messages app is the lazy way out.
July 29, 2017
I am always on the lookout for creative new hardware applications that enhance the iOS experience. Therefore, when Archeer mentioned it had a product that allowed iOS devices to participate in a wireless microphone experience, I was intrigued. The Archeer VHF Bluetooth Microphone System Mini Portable Singing Mixer ($68.99) is a dual-microphone and receiver package that allows both the included mics and an iPhone or iPad to connect to the receiver over Bluetooth. Read on to find out how well the product delivers on this audio configuration.
July 19, 2017
In the 62nd episode, the iPhone Life team shares everything you need to know about Apple's iOS 11 public beta program. After installing the beta iOS on their iPhones, Sarah and Donna share their favorite new features, from Drag and Drop to the new Control Center, and analyze the risks and rewards of using beta software.
July 04, 2017
In the 61st episode, the iPhone Life team shares a few of their favorite apps and podcasts to try this summer. They also teach you what happens when families share one Apple ID and show you how to manage which apps use your cellular data.
June 21, 2017
In the 60th episode, the iPhone Life team helps you decide which speaker you should invest in this summer. Listen as Sarah, Donna, and David weigh in on whether Apple's HomePod Smart Speaker can beat the Amazon Echo and Google Home, plus make sure not to miss their side-by-side comparison of six of the best wireless speakers on the market.
June 05, 2017
In the 59th episode, the iPhone Life team discusses the highlights of Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. Get the scoop on Apple’s new Siri-enabled smart speaker called HomePod and discover the coolest new features of iOS 11, watchOS 4, and the new iPad Pro.
May 23, 2017
In the 58th episode, members of the iPhone Life team share their favorite summer iPhone gear for everything from the best rugged Bluetooth speaker for outdoor entertaining to the coolest solar-powered smart flashlight for camping. They also share useful tips on topics ranging from what to do if you forget your Apple ID password to using Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch (and how to cancel it if you accidentally activate it.) Plus, listen to the end for an important downside to keep in mind about sharing your AirPods with others.
May 13, 2017
Apple’s Podcasts app on iPhone makes it easy to subscribe to all of your favorite audio and video podcasts. Within the app, you can create your own list of podcasts that will update as new episodes are released. Whether you have a couple favorite shows or you're a podcast addict, this tip will make it easy to subscribe to the podcasts you love on your iPhone.
May 10, 2017
In the 57th episode of the iPhone Life Podcast, Sarah, David, and Donna weigh in on the latest rumors and reports regarding WWDC 2017, the iPhone 8, and the long-awaited Amazon Video app for the Apple TV.
April 26, 2017
In the 56th episode of the iPhone Life podcast, Sarah, David, and Donna discuss the findings from a five-year study analyzing how social exercise sharing inspired more than 1 million participants to move more. They also share their experiences using Apple Watch Activity Sharing and teach you how you can try it for yourself.
April 11, 2017
In the 55th episode of the iPhone Life podcast, the team discusses the pros and cons of reading on your iPhone. Other topics include tips for searching your photos using facial recognition and whether Apple Maps or Google Maps is the better navigation app.
March 29, 2017
In the 54th episode of the iPhone Life podcast, the team updates you on all the latest Apple releases, including the new iPad, PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7, iOS 10.3, and more.
March 14, 2017
In the 53rd episode of the iPhone Life podcast, the team analyzes Natural Cycles, the first approved contraception app on the market. They also discuss Instagram's new advanced settings, and Sarah shares her top three favorite iPhone gadgets she's loving right now.
March 01, 2017
In the 52nd episode of the iPhone life podcast, the team shares their favorite productivity apps and calls on listeners to share their favorites as well. The team also breaks down the latest iPhone 8 rumors saying USB-C will replace the Lightning connector and explains why Warren Buffett is bullish on Apple.
February 15, 2017
In the 51st episode, the iPhone Life team shares tips for finding lost apps and controlling your Apple TV. Other topics include saving a single frame in a Live photo and playing the new Super Mario game.