Messaging is a core feature of your iPhone that lets you connect with friends and family instantaneously, without interrupting whatever activity you're doing. This guide is all about helping you get the most out of Apple’s Messages app. We’ll cover all of the basics, starting with teaching you the difference between sending an iMessage and a text message. We’ll show you how to include emojis in your texts, how to send videos and photos, and how to manage how you’re notified of incoming messages.

Every year Apple releases an updated operating system with unique new capabilities, and the latest release, iOS 9, is no exception. In this guide, we’ll help you master the most important iOS 9 features, from the long-awaited iPad multitasking to the smarter-than-ever Siri to a slew of new and reimagined apps like iCloud Drive, News, Notes, and Maps.

Apple Music—which was unveiled at WWDC in June last year—has successfully encouraged millions of users to begin taking advantage of music streaming. However, even those who are familiar with other services (such as Spotify and Pandora) are likely to find Apple Music a tad overwhelming. Here's a collection of our favorite Apple Music tips so you can begin mastering Apple's new service. 

This collection covers the basics of using your iPhone's Camera and Photos app. Here, we'll teach you how to print images from your iPhone using AirPrint, view a slideshow of your favorite photos directly on your Apple TV, and improve your photography by taking advantage of key camera features such as Manual Exposure and Auto-Focus Lock.

This guide will help you get the most out of Apple's cloud storage service—iCloud. At its most basic level, iCloud is a service designed to safely store your data in the cloud. Remember how accidently destroying your phone used to mean you’d inevitably lose all your contacts and other personal information too? No more. In this guide, you'll learn how to store your important data in the cloud, automatically. 

This Insider Guide will make upgrading to your new iPhone a seamless and easy process. We'll walk you through how to back up your old iPhone and restore your data to your new device, sell your old iPhone for the most money, buy your new device from a carrier with the right plan for you, and choose an insurance plan that protects you against unforeseen damage.


Walk through this complete guide to Apple's Family sharing service. This guide will help you get set up and provide detailed options of how to manage Family Sharing's many services. From sharing and hiding purchased apps to tracking your families locations, we have it covered.

This guide will help you to manage your photos and videos on all of your devices using Apple’s new iCloud Photo Library. We’ll cover the basics of how the service works, your storage options, and how to set it up on your iOS devices. We’ll also show you how to organize and share your shots in the Photos app and teach you how to transfer photos from your computer using AirDrop, Photo Stream, or