How to Set Up Family Sharing

How to Set Up Family Sharing

Though I love the idea of sharing an iTunes, iBooks, and App Store account with my family (who really wants to have to purchase the same song three times so everyone in the house can have it?), the job of setting up your Family Sharing account can be daunting. Here's a quick tutorial about how to set up your Family Sharing account.

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Here are a few quick Family Sharing tips before we get started:

• Each family member (including children) must have a separate Apple ID.

• Both you and your family members must be using iOS 8 or later.

• Each person can only be part of one family at a time.

To set up Family Sharing:

  • Open Settings

  • Tap iCloud

  • Select Set Up Family Sharing

  • Tap on Get Started.


  • The Apple ID you’re using will be the Organizer account of Family Sharing. This screen tells you that. Tap Continue

  • This screen tells you about Sharing purchases. Tap Continue again.

  • This screen will show your current payment method, tap Continue again. You can easily set it up so that children under 18 must get approval before making purchases.

  • Choose whether or not to share you location with family.


You’ve successfully set up Family Sharing! Tap Add Family Member and enter your family’s Apple IDs. From this screen you can also select Create an Apple ID for a child. If there are purchases you’d rather hide, here’s how to do that. Now invite your family members and get sharing!