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How to Share Web Articles without Ads on iPhone or iPad Using Reader View

When you turn on Reader View in Safari on iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy articles without the clutter of ads and menus. Better yet, did you know you can also share this ad-free reading mode version of an article with friends? If you are using the Safari browser to read an article from a website that offers Reader View, you can send friends the ad-free version of the article by sharing it via email (but unfortunately not text or social media.) Here’s how to use this convenient Safari setting to share web articles without the ads on iPhone or iPad.

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How to Share Web Articles without the Ads

  • Enter Reader View in Safari by tapping the horizontal lines at the left of the URL bar. If the bars are not there, Reader View is not available for that web page.
  • Then tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select Mail, enter a recipient, and send the email.
  • The images and text of the article will be sent in the body of the email along with a link to the original article.

This is also a great way to directly send someone an article without them needing to open a link.

Top image credit: Maria Savenko / Shutterstock.com